Drawing Portrait: pretty girl posing

Drawing Portrait of a pretty girl posing

Now this is a recent drawing, not so recent thou, about 2 years ago I think, so yeah no more childish drawing for a while.. In the next coming posts you'll see something different, ways, visions and everything changes with time, a grown up person doesn't see things as a child does ^^
This is a friend of mine form spain, she's very beautiful and very nice, her name is Natalia, I met her online on a site called MySpace.com, it used to be a big thing before facebook, it was the old facebook actually. I was trying to learn Spanish back in the days, so I contacted few Spanish people and Natalia was one of them, she lives in Tenerife in grand Canaria. She speaks very good English which made out communication much easier, and we became friends since then and we still are, we moved from myspace to msn and now to facebook and instagram. She is one of the people that I wish I could meet in real life, maybe one day you never know.
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