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My Short films and movies

I have made few short movies and videos, and I am working on some more..
Filmmaking is one of my biggest passions, acting, editing videos, mixing sounds.. anything related to created visual content.. I even had online courses about film making in both English and Arabic, and I got certifications.. I am so happy that I recently made one of my biggest dreams come true in the last two years.. I was on the set of two big famous series, in the first one that is European called "the missing season two" (see my post about it here) which is produced by the BBC and few other companies.. and the second one this year was called "40 north" season one, an American TV Series about to start airing in the United States of America, Starring Jeff Danials and others. Of course I was just a figurant in the first Show and a Stand-in in the second one, but just being in the location and living inside the making of movies and Series was a big dream for me, it was just a great experience that I will never forget.. Meeting professionals and knowing what everyone does.. Hearing the Director saying "Annnnd ACTION".. all those stuff were fascinating to me. and I was very happy to meet a Jordanian actor called Eyad Nassar, he's one of my favorit arabic actors, he was really nice and down to earth.

Of course making my own films is not an easy thing, especially with the budget that I have and because I can't find good actors and especially good actresses, it's hard to convince a girl to act in front of a camera, but I am ready determined to finish my next movie "Alienized" as soon as possible so I can publish it and send it to some international mobile film festivals.
UPDATE: I finished the movie finally! after finding the actress.. And it was in the official selection of 2 mobile film festivals so far.. You can watch it and read the article I wrote about it here

Below you can see it while it was being screened in the International Mobile Film Festivan in San Diego California USA last April (2019)
I did not win anything but it was a great experience again, at least it was in the official selection.. I think the quality of the sound was the issue that made my film not award winning worthy, I really tried my best to improve it but you can't create much with very little. And that's how we learn, we learn by making mistakes, my last movie had bad lighting and camera, this one has bad sound, the next one will be better than both and so on.

 So far here are the articles related to film making that I have already posted:

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