Short Film - Alienized - full movie - UHD 4k

Short Film - Alienized - full movie - Ultra HD quality (4k)

Synopsis of the movie:
It's the story of a couple where the "high" husband is paranoid and suspects that his wife is not actually his wife but it's an alien who took her body, like a kind of shape-shifter. The hallucinations he has about seeing a scary alien creature might be caused by what he smoke, or maybe just from having a bad day, or is it true? watch the video till the end to find out :)

Official poster of the movie:

Watch the Full move now on my Youtube channel

After years of waiting, my short movie named "Alienized" is finally available on my youtube channel for free so that all the viewers can enjoy a pure original creation of mine. I apologize again for the delay caused by the issues I had to face in the post production phase, mostly related to the sound quality and the editing section.

Here's a brief history of the making of of this film:
I had the idea to make this short movie in late 2014, back then I was in a relationship with a swedish girl, so I wrote the script according to the way that we used to talk to each other, the dialogue is very similar to the words we used to tell each other and even the cute little fights we had. So you could say that the movie is based on true events dialogue wise lol. Anyway, unfortunately we broke up before I had the chance to start filming, so I had to find another actress, which was not easy, actually it was really hard, took me years to find Britney, an American girl from Chicago that was living in Marrakech - Morocco for a while. Then I had to struggle with the editing and the sound.. I was planning to dub the movie, because I only used a smartphone to record the sounds, but the leading role acctress had to leave and I couldn't re-record it.. I looked for someone else to do a voice-over but also couldn't find anyone that good.. So I had to stick with what I had and try to enhence it.
The next issue I had was with the appartment I rented as a film location. I was browsing through the internet and found a real nice one, with reed couch, and nice art decorations on the walls. So I called the real estate agent and went to see it, I loved it and agreed with the guy that I want to rent it for 24 hours (I didn't tell him that I want to film a movie because he will have doubts and it's gonna get more complicated). Everything was smooth, but the day of the filming.. the appartment was rented to someone else, yep simply like that, When I complained the agent said "I'll give you another one that is way better" I didn't want another one I wanted the one I saw.. but I had no choice other than to accept because I only had one day to do all the filming. The colors are not great, no art paintings on the walls.. totally changed the mood of the movie :(
But with each mistake we learn something new, and my next movie won't have all these complications. and won't be about aliens either.

The short film's original idea is mine, the script was entirely writteen by me too, except the TV reporter part that my friend Mattew changed and wrote another one himself, Alien -ized was filmed using Smartphones (Iphone 6 - Iphone 5 - Samsung Galaxy S2) Was edited on sony vegas pro, CGI special effects made on sony vegas pro and adobe after effects..

Smail Jr............................Hubby
Britney Rollins.....................Wife
Matt Wilburn.............TV Reporter

Special Thanks:
Omar Elmghari, My Dear friend, for lending me some LEDs for the lighting system I have used.
Belkou Amine, For letting me use his office as a studio for the TV reporter part.
Mohamed Naciri, for letting me use his Smartphone in one scene.
Taoufik: for heling me and being the cameraman sometimes
Khalid Elbilali, for his help in the logistiques
Andrew from the UK for the Alien Mask

Music and soundtracks used in the film:
"The house of leaves" - "Sneaky Snitch" "Smash Sketch" & "News Theme"
All By: "Kevin MacLeod" 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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