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My Songs and music

This is somehow my music department, I have made few songs here and there back in my days, amateur-ish style, and I thought why not posting them? keeping them on my laptop is pointless.
I wanted to try several stuff, so every song would appear different from the rest. Made few songs in moroccan Arabic, and others in English.. There are also mixed songs Moroccan Arabic and English.
Most of my songs are Rap songs actually (because it's the easiest music to compose), But I have made an acoustic guitar song, a reggae rap song, and a Moroccan RnB song.
I also have made few music instrumentals that have no lyrics, till now I only posted one on youtube (Oriental beat) but I will try to post the best postable music instrumental ones later.
I also have few songs that are unfinished, for example one that I have with an American singer, we planned to release it like ten years ago now but it still remains unfinished, he did record his part, only my part is missing.. But recently I started thinking about finishing it and publishing it, me and my friend who is also a singer were looking around and we found a nice little studio.. so I went back to my old laptop and luckily I found the unfinished song still there, along with other instrumental music and other stuff..
I also have a rap song that only needs to be recorded, the lyrics and music are both ready, even the idea for the music video is ready. it is about the protest that happened in Morocco back in 2011.
One more project that I am working on is the theme song of my next horror movie.. I found a beat that I made back in 2008 2009 that would be good for it, I only need to find some good lyrics now and record..
If you are a subscriber in my music channel you will notice that some songs are not mine, like there is one cover that is made by my brother and a friend of us, and anothers of famous singers that I like or that I went to their music shows.
I am also open for collaborations, if you think we could make something good, music related then let me know, I already made featuring songs with local artist, I also made a Moroccan RnB song with a very beautiful moroccan female singer, and there's this song I am working on with an American singer.. so Yeah why not.
Also if you are a beginner and you want some exposure, you can contact me and we could see, maybe I could post your work on my channel or on my website, I don't get a lot of traffic but any little thing could help if you are a beginner.

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