Peacock Sketch - Easy Step by Step Drawing - Peacock facts


Peacock Sketch - Easy Step by Step Drawing Peacock tutorial for beginners - Peacock facts

Follow along with the steps in the video and you will easily draw a nice beautiful peacock bird, I didn't use colors but you can do if you want to, you can colorize the feathers of this magnificient bird that has one of the most beautiful colorful feathers. Follow me in Instagram: Smailjr

Final drawing:

Peacock Drawing
Peacock Sketch

Here is the tutorial video from my Youtube channel, and don't forget to subscribe:

Peacocks are well known for their beauty and their tail feathers are used as decorative ornaments in homes across the world. But today you may learn something you didn't know about peacocks

There are actually three different types of peacocks, this article is about the blue peacock which is the national bird of India. 

Originally from the forest in India (now a protected bird there) The peacock has been kept as a pet for thousands of years.

Peacocks are of the pheasant family, the male is actually a peacock, females are called peahens and when referring to both it is peafowl. Only male peacocks have the beautiful long tail feathers which make up 60% of their body length, just the tail can be 5 feet in length which can have 150 to 200 individual feathers.

They are considered one of the largest flying birds, even though they cannot fly well, they can still fly.

Peacocks have a lifespan of about 20 years. Because of their beauty and popularity peacocks have a place in many cultures:

In Hindu culture, peacock feathers are kept in the home to protect the home from bad energies

In Fung Shui, they are considered good luck and are used for protection, they are also a symbol of beauty and love.

Peacocks also appear in Aesop's fables in one story:

The peacock tells the goddess Juno that the nightingale has a sweet song and he does not.

What good is beauty without a great voice?

and Juno tells him that every creature has its gifts that make them unique individuals and that it is important to be happy with who you are.

Peacocks have been kept by royalty for thousands of years. They were first brought to the United States during the 1860s and 1870s, they can now be found around the world.

In the wild, peacocks live in groups called parties, they spend most of their time walking around on the ground looking for food. They eat insects, plants, and small creatures. 

At night they roost high up in the trees, this keeps them protected from predators. Male peacocks are the ones that have beautiful colors of green, blue, and other hues. While the females are dullar colors with shorter tail feathers.

During the spring a male peacocks tail will come in fully, and the male will fan it and shake the feathers trying to attract a hen's attention. He will try to impress her in order to mate with her, hens will usually lay five to eight eggs and hide their nests as best they can, the hen will sit on the eggs to incubate them for 28 days.

Once the chicks hatch, they are able to follow the mother around on the ground and will stay with her for the rest of the year. In July at the end of their breeding season, peacocks will begin to lose their tail feathers.

The feathers fall out naturally. 

Peacocks mature and breed between two to three years of age. Tails become more full and beautiful as they age.

peacocks should always be kept in groups, at least a pair or a male with two to three females. They need a large outdoor enclosure something at least 16 by 20 feet for a pair. Netting for the roof instead of wire can prevent injury when the bird flies up. They can do well in different climates but should always be provided with the shelter.

While they can be fed chicken scratch, they will also need a food high in protein since they eat a lot of insects in the wild, therefore it is great to include game bird food and alfalfa as part of their diet, although many people suggest dog food or cat food, a game bird food or insectivore pellet is a much better choice.

 Their beautiful feathers can be used in craft projects decorations or just be kept as mementos

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