2 Pencil Drawings I forgot to post


Two pencil drawings I did not post

Before anything here are the "making of" videos of the two pencil drawings:

For the first drawing:

And for the second drawing:

You might be wondering why am I even explaining the reason of this delay, well actually I was looking for a different title for this article and I couldn't come up with anything special. I also did not want to use the same old generic "Pencil Drawing" title, and since these are two drawings that I made in the past month and that I did not post in here then why not just say things like they are?

For the first sketch I made two versions of it, one in pencil and the other one is blue pen, I did not post the pen version either but only because it is sketched on a regular lined paper.. Maybe I should post it people would not mind would they? anyway, I also draw it on a live video on my youtube channel, unfortunately it took more than 40 minutes and i had to cut some parts of it and ended up with a 27 minutes version, but it is still kind of long. And I have noticed that people do not bother to watch long videos that are flat and with no narration. That is why I made another short version of it, and no surprise it got way more views than the longer one.

Although it is incomplete, I do not think that I will add anything to it, it looks beautifully cute the way it is, I loved how the eyes turned out even if the eyebrows are not how they should be.. generally I like the outcome. That cute drawing artwork is not mine by the way, if you know who is the original artist please let me know so I can give them credit. I keep saving unsigned artwork to my computer and sometimes when I am inspired enough I just pick a random one and start doodling, I even have ones that I saved few years ago and they still didn't make it through my "mood audition".

I also was live streaming as I was drawing the second artwork, but on Instagram this time not on youtube, but I managed to make a short version of that live streaming and upload it to my channel later one. It is a semi-realistic drawing, I made few of these that are already posted here in my website and if you have watched my tutorial video about how to turn any picture into a cartoon character, you would notice that the same tips and tricks were applied in this one: bigger eyes, smaller nose and mouth... it gives a certain cuteness to the character, I explained how in my article: How to cartoon a picture - Step by step tutorial.

What I have noticed though is that when it comes to people reaction to my art, they tend to interact more with anything cute and beautiful regardless of how easy the making process was, rather than with complex hyper realistic paintings. regular people do not care too much about the details they just see the full picture. Only fellow artists care about details and give feedback sometimes.

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