About Me

About me

Hello everyone, my Internet name is Smail Jr, "Jr" does not mean junior as many people think, it's just a short version of Jarrou, which is my family / last name..

And this is my personal website where I share all my creations with the world, You can call me a Visual content creator this is by far the best description that I found that combine everything I do.. I will also be making tutorials about drawing and also about cheap filmmaking..

I love Art, all kind of art, I started off with just drawing, I used to draw since I remember, so more than 20 years of experience in drawing, mainly pencil drawings, I developped my style to the point that I can proudly call myself a professional artist now.. And that is what pushed me to make some drawing tutorials to help beginners find their own way..

Later on my life I got into music.. Just like most teenagers, there comes a point when you start dreaming about becoming a famous singer, I was no different, I was mostly into rap and hiphop.. And I did make few songs of my own, I made them all myself from lyrics to instrumental / beat / music, to singing, to recording, rearranging, mixing... ending by filming a music video sometimes.. You will find all that in this website /blog.. I do not pretend to have an amazing voice, but again, who does? if it was not for autotune and the sound inhencers, many rappers and singers nowadays would never be heard lol..

In the last years I got into filmmaking, especially mobile film making.. films and movies were always a huge passion of mine, but the issue is that I did not have the necessary equipement to do it.. I took some online courses about filmmaking and digital story telling, and I also had the chance to be part in two big productions (I did not do much but it was a great experience nevertheless)
Thank god for science and technology, now everybody can, we are holding a camera in our pocket and not any camera, a full HD one or even a UHD / 4K quality camera.. So why not start making films if it is youor passion.. I did anyway, so far I have 2 creations that I can call movies, because they have all the ingredients: script, dialogue, music, credits.. the other short videos I made would be called vines maybe.. My second movie called "Alienized" took me many years to make and I made many mistakes in the process, which pushed me to start a series of video tutorials about how to make a movie on a low budget (I will post it here when it is ready), educational videos about making films for beginners who have this passion but they don't know where to start.

That's about it, I think I introduced Smail Jr and his website to you now so that you know who are you dealing with and what is the purpose of this website.
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