Pencil drawing portrait. Beautiful eyes

Pencil Drawing portrait of a girl with beautiful eyes

When drawing portraits, I give all the time needed to the eyes, it's very important for me to draw eyes beautifuly in a portraits.
As I almost always say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, in real life and in drawings too, eyes drawn properly would bring a portrait drawing to life, give it a personality and character, that's why I always start with eyes, if I don't get them perfectly then there is no need in finishing the drawing in the first place. Next thing I pay too much attenting to while drawing is the mouth and lips, I don't know why, maybe because I have this habit of looking at people's lips when I talk to them? I mean when they are talking to me I mostly look at lips, when they are silent than maybe I look them in the eyes, weird I know, it's kind of I don't wanna miss any word they say.

Do you know shahrazad? the 1001 nights? that's what this pic remind me of, Naima is very pretty and has beautiful eyes as you can see, I know her for some years now since the time when myspace used to be more popular than facebook, the look in her eyes made me wanting to draw them, and I did, with passion and joy, I must say that I liked the result ^^

If you wanna learn how to draw realistic eyes, check out this Tutorial

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