Cartoon girl face pencil sketch


Cartoon girl face pencil sketch

You can watch the speed drawing video on my youtube channel below:

Just a quick drawing I did today, it's inspired from Cameron Mark's artwork with some modifications, I had to add my personal touch this time. I recently have started getting really into cartoons and cartooning faces, if you have been following me for a while you would know that it has been quiet a while since I've drawn a realistic portrait like I used to do.. I thought it was time for me to aquire a new skill. and this style is really cute and I like it, so I am planning to actually continue learning how to draw anime faces and cartoons in general..

It is really difficult to master the proportions of the face, because cartoon heads are different than real ones, there are few things I have learned so far like for example making the head bigger than the rest of the body, and making the eyes way bigger than how they should be and the mouth and nose very small, and basically the forehead occupies half of the face.. But still, drawing a full cartooned face from scratch is not easy for me, I have been trying and failing a lot.. I mean, not failing 100% but at the end my outcome is not as cute as I expected it to be. And that could be ok for some normal people, but artists are usually perfectionists. So my drawing must be like I imagined it in my mind, or else I will just throw it away and draw a new one..

Another thing I am planning to add to my skills is using colors, I love colors and so do most people so why not. I have yet to find the best coloring crayons in the market, because yes I am trying to start with coloring pencils before upgrading to painting.. I am entering a new era in my career as an artist, so expect some new styles and types of drawing, and I hope that I would meet your expectations.

And thank you so much for being a faithful follower, you have no idea how grateful I am for each and every fan of my work. :) God bless you all.

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