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Pen Drawing Art - Cute Rabbit

Before I talk about this pen drawing here is the video of the "making of" like I always do, and again it's very short, about half a minute:

"Follow the white Rabbit", if you have watched "The Matrix" you would sure know where does this saying come from. It is one of the most iconic cinematic sayings in the history of cinema, because of course The Matrix is one of the greatest movies of all times. Anyway, recently I have watched a trailer for a new Matrix movie, OMG I'm so excited, starring the amazing "Keanu Reeves" but with a look of John Wick. But what does this have to do with my drawing? Absolutely nothing lol I just thought of the saying "follow the white rabbit" as I was uploading the drawing. 

I had this sketch on my laptop for a while, I saved it from somewhere that I do not even remember, but it was a pencil drawing I guess, but since I recently started my pen drawing journey like you already know I decided to use my beloved blue ball point pen this time again. Because the drawing does not have any gradient areas, and will not need much shading either, I just had to nail the shapes and curves and I'm good. and I think I did do a good job, or what do you think?

The more I draw with pen, the more I gain confidence and want to draw even more. I said it more than once, not being able to use an eraser was a big challenge for me, so I stayed in my comfort zone for way too much, which is drawing using my dear pencils. Until I realized that I actually rarely use the eraser in my pencil drawings anyway. So I thought why not? What worse could even happen? I mess up? so what?

So if you are lacking confidence to start learning a new skill, or having issues making art, learn from me. Just do NOT make the same mistake I did and wait too long. If I have started drawing using pen earlier I would have become an expert now, and I would have probably moved to something else, something more complex maybe. Also do not be a perfectionist.. most artists and creative people are. I'm a perfectionist too but I am kainda trying to beat it, I have posted artworks that I don't conceive as artistically perfect, or even good in that matter, thing that I would never dare to do in the past, but now I do it without any problem.

The best aspect about drawing with a pen compared with drawing with a pencil is that pens are everywhere, you don't take your set of crayons with you wherever you go, but you could take a pen with you. even if you don't have one on you, you could easily acquire one from your surroundings or even buy it. the pen beats the pencil in that one in a heartbeat.

So yeah, follow the white rabbit, follow your intuition, follow your dreams.. and if you have never watched the Matrix? go watch it.

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