Drawing long girl hair

This is from when I got back to drawing after stopping it for a long while, studies and work and stuff like that.. I'll get back to the story of the drawing later ^^
Wow, I didn't know that I even had to get back to write the story of this drawing.. And it is a very very important one.. because this girl in the pic became my ex but years after the drawing. We were friends, we met online on a site called HotOrNot.com you rate people from 1 to 10 depending on how beautiful do you think they are, I don't remember what happens later, if you both clicked on wanting to connect then you could send messages, and that's what happened. We later became friends for years, we used to argue a lot but the good kind of arguing.. 3 years after this drawing we started talking again in whatsapp (we lost contact for a while). Then we started to get close to each other untill we became in a relationship, it lasted about a year or something then we broke up, no need to go into details, it's old story anyway. But yeah I really liked her as a person she has many qualities, she's also very beautiful and very sexy and speaks like 5 or 6 languages, because she lived in many places and because her father is Italian and her mother is Brazilian and she was born and raised in Sweden, really amazing mix of cultures.. And sometimes I do miss her and our talks and everything we used to do together, but everything has an end, and our relationship came to an end just like everything.

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