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Filmmaking tutorials for absolute beginners

If you landed on this post then it means that you have a story to tell through making a movie, or you want to make a film but you don't have enough money for it. In both cases you're in the right place.
In this series of articles I will write about every topic related to cheap filmmaking that you as a beginner would need; it took me a long time to learn and I made many mistakes in the past so if you want to save some time and to avoid making the same mistakes I did then these articles would be very helpful to you. 
The articles cover all aspects of filmmaking on low budget, from pre-production, to post-production.

You may watch the introduction video on youtube HERE

Who am I?
I'm just an amateur filmmaker, I have couple films of my own, I have been in few big productions, I have studied flmmaking for a little bit, so my small experience could be inspiring to you and could push you to make your own movies.
What to expect?
there will be many posts (10 are already planned) about everything related to making a movie with no money, camera settings, lighting, microphones, music and soundtracks, color correction, editing, acting, costumes, locations...
What would be different?
I will use simple basic english language so that everyone in the world would understand what I'm talking about.
I will avoid technical term, keep it simple and fun.
I will make the tutorial videos as short as possible, no long intros or too much talking before getting to business.

So far here are the articles that I have already posted about how to make a movie on low budget:

Low budget filmmaking - Ep1: The IDEA
The very first step in filmmaking or any art product, where you actually must invert time and effort, because if the idea of your film is great then the rest would be relatively easier, but if your idea is not that good then no matter what you do in the next steps the finished product will not meet the viewers expectations. So make sure to take enough time and think of something out of the box. Read the post for directives and guidance.

How to write a script for a movie - low budget filmmaking Ep 2
After you took enough time and you came up with an idea that is out of the box for your movie, now it's time to write the story and the script. Very important step as well and will also consume time and effort. it is the backbone of your movie, so make sure to be careful about how to write your script, don't rush and learn from others.

How to Write Great Dialogue - Low Budget Filmmaking Ep 3
Filmmaking can also be called "visual story telling" and it's called visual for a reason, it means telling the story visually, so that's what you should be basically focusing on. In other words, if you can tell an information visually without dialogue, then do it.
Some people make the mistake of giving away all the informations through the dialogue, maybe because they think that the viewers may not understand what's going on, well that ruins it, people will understand, they are smart enough, instead they should use context and subtext.. 

Filmmaking Interview for beginners with Selena Moshell
I met this great filmmaker Selena Moshell, she is based in LA California, so I took the chance to make this interview with her, she talks about her own experience and gives us some tips and tricks about filmmaking, make sure to watch the interview with her, you might learn a thing or two.

(More coming soon, stay tuned)
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