Drawing Portrait: Beautiful girl with hat

Drawing Portrait of a beautiful girl with hat

This is one of the best Drawings I have made, she's a friend of mine called Vicky! I love her style.. she works in the music industry and was a hiphop dancer aswell, the original pic was full of colors and full of details so it was a big challenge to me, also the shadow, I admit that the shadow in this drawing is not perfect, but as I said in an earlier post, I have stopped drawing for a while and I got back to it, and this one is from the time when I got back..
Her hair had many white lines, and I have no white pencils, only have black and grey ones, so it was impossible to get it perfect, I still don't know how artist draw white with suck perfection, I looked for a white pencil but the ones I found didn't do a good job, the only time I drew white hair perfectly is when I inverted the colors, it was the drawing of a little white cat, I inverted the colors so that the white is black and the black is white and I drew it, then when I inverted the drawing again I got a real nice white little cat.. other than that I either draw the edges of the white line I want to draw or I use a very light frey pencil.

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