Drawing Portrait: light beard

Drawing a man's portrait with beard

Drawing short beard is easy, it's hard if it's long.
That's another cousin of mine, another rare exceptions I made in drawing men because I don't.. The challenge here was the beard, it's hard and lots of details.. but I did it, you don't know my cousin but it does looks like him lol.
Right now when people and followers who got used to see my newly made portraits see those old ones they find them really not that great lol I mean come on, I was a kid what do you expect?? it's a proof that I evolved, there is a huge progress so that is a good thing. Anyway I am still very proud of all those old drawings that I still keep in the family house, everytime I go there I check them out, wish I could put each and everyone of them in a frame but that would take much space, space that I can't afford at the moment.. So for now I just go though them and try to remember the story behind every drawing.
Haven't seen my cousin for years and years, he's married and have kids now, I am sure he doesn't even remember that I drew him decades ago.

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