Drawing Portrait: Old Man

Drawing Portrait of an Old Man

This is a drawing of a moroccan actor, he's dead by now actually may he rest in peace, I don't remember anything paricular about this drawing really, but I do believe there's something to it, because at that age ( I was a kid) I couldn't have done such a good job, I mean for the age I was, and I think this one is well made, for my young age by then.. but it's not 100% completed by the way :( and I can't complete it now either... too bad

The late actor was called "ElArbi Doghmy" one of the last generation of moroccan actors that was not lucky enough to reach the era of technology and social media, that generation gave a lot of sacrifices and got nothing in return, I always say that the new generation of actors and actresses is more lucky, everything is easy and available, we live in the era of BUZZ, where everyone can make it to being famous even if they have no talents at all..
Anyway, I remember as a kid watching teathers plays and TV shows of this old man may his soul rest in peace, we used to creticise their products but now we know how hard it was for them.. Their times were not easy.
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