Drawing self portrait from a mirror

Drawing self portrait 

Drawing my own portrait from a mirror is an idea that came to me as I started drawing portraits and faces. I wanted to draw myself, and didn't knew how to doit, that's where I got the idea from.

This is me, at the age of 12 I think, you would never guess the reason why Im looking to the side.. It's because I was looking at a mirror :D crazy Idea that came to me as a child "to Draw myself live as Im looking in a miror" lol I laugh about it now.. By the way it wasn't as easy as I thought.. Because I had to stay still in one position for sooo long "as Im a slow drawer" and that hurts the neck and the back and everything :S Also because I had to keep looking to the side wich hurts the eyes aswell.. It's a strange feeling when you draw yourself.. I can see what I think about me, a drawing is always something alive, it talks.. so in this sketch Im kinda talking to me :)
I'm impressed and the amount of patience I had back then, it's not like I can do that now at my age, no way lol, staying still holding a mirror, not moving for very long time, handling the back and neck and legs pain, also fingers and hands, now I'm like wow, that is actually an achievement I should be proud of. no matter how silly it would sound, it tells me that I can achieve what I want with dedication and consistency, I did it before so I can do it now and I could do it in the future with anything I want. I should try to remember all the other achievements that I now see as silly, maybe there could be something I can learn from about myself, after all, everything that happens to us build our personality and character. You should do the same too, it will help you believe in yourself and gain confidence.
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