Pen Drawing Art - Cute Cartoon Face


Pen Drawing Art - Cute Cartoon Face

Here is the "making of" video, don't worry it is very short ^_^ about half a minute:

A beautiful cutie face pencil drawing that I saw and instantly liked and decided to draw it, but not like I usually do a.k.a with graphite pencils but will my blue ballpoint pen.. I think I'm starting to do good with pens even if I'm new to this kinda of drawing art. If you have been following my art in one of my social media platforms you would know what I am talking about, almost all my life I have been drawing using pencils, but recently decided to start drawing with pens, it is really challenging because simply there is no using eraser, so it does require a level of confidence and that's what I was lacking at first.. confidence in drawing not in other aspects of life.

Another thing is that this drawings was one of the easiest drawing I sketched and that got many likes, especially in Instagram. I mean sometimes I put a lot of work and effort in a drawing, and I mean real tear and blood lol and at the end it does not get the attention I think it deserve. This happened to me with the drawing of Cara Delevingne that you can see Here.

I do not say that I have become obsessed with likes and comments, or that if one of my artworks didn't get "enough" engagement I would be sad or have a depression, absolutely not. I am still kinda old school and all these internet new phenomena. Plus I am really confident about my art, I know I do a great job especially with pencil drawings, but what I have noticed that people tend to react to the visual art according to what it is displaying. I mean if the face I drew is handsome/beautiful then people will mostly give it positive good reactions.. but if the drawing is of something that most people judge as not beautiful enough they will mostly ignore its existence.


pen drawing, artwork executed wholly or in part with pen and ink, usually on paper. Pen drawing is fundamentally a linear method of making images. In pure pen drawing in which the artist wishes to supplement his outlines with tonal suggestions of three-dimensional form, modeling must necessarily be effected by the close juxtaposition of a series of strokes forming areas of hatching or cross-hatching. Many pen studies, however, are produced with the substitution of tonal washes (layers of color spread over a broad surface) laid onto the drawing with a brush, in which case the outlines or other important definitions of the figures or landscape are established by the pen lines.

Inks of various types used in pen studies contribute additional diversity to the final effects. Historically, three types of ink were most frequently used. One was black carbon ink, made from extremely fine particles of the soot of burnt oils or resins in a solution of glue or gum arabic. The finest type of black carbon ink was known as Chinese ink and was the prototype of the modern black India ink. A brown ink popular with the old masters because of its warm, luminous color qualities was known as bistre.

It was prepared by boiling wood soot to obtain a liquid, transparent brown extract. The third important ink was an iron gall, or chemical, ink. Its principal ingredients were iron sulfate, the extract of gall nuts, and a gum arabic solution. It was, in fact, the common writing ink for centuries and was employed for most early drawings. Its color when first applied to the paper is bluish black, but it rapidly turns blackish and, over the years, a dull brown and tends to disintegrate.

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