Cartoon face pencil drawing

Cute Cartoon face pencil Speed drawing

This would be the 100s Article on this website, there should have been way more but I deleted many because they were flagged as inappropriate.. what a pity because they simply were not, it's art, artwork, and the artist always dares to bring something out of the box..

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Anyway here is the video on my youtube channel if you want to be part of the creation moment of this beautiful drawing:

Back to drawing, after some time off, lately I've been focusing more on movies and filmmaking, so I decided to do a quick sketch, it is the first one in 2020 (by the way happy belated new year to all my subscribers and followers everywhere)..
I found this pic online somewhere and I liked the style of drawing, I was just postponing it every time.. I have no idea who that character is btw, so if you know please let me know in the comment sesction below..
like I explained in the cartoon drawing tutorial, this face has pretty much the same characteristics (big eyes, small nose and mouth, head bigger than body...) please refer to my tutorial video to know more about how to cartoon a face.
As usual I have used my regular set of pencils that I already reviewed.. You may use colors if you have colored crayons, I like it simple that way, plus I didn't have time to colorize it..
Anyway, hope that you like it and don't forget to like, share, subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts, I'm recently starting tiktok, seems like it's trending, so if you're there search for me, same username "Smailjr" I'll follow you back.
If you are interested in learning how to draw I have news for you, I finally decided to continue the series of drawing tutorial I made ages ago, so far I only made ones about eyes and eyebrows, soon I will try to make one about the nose and then the mouth and lips.. stay tuned, only for beginners though, it is very hard to do a professional drawing class for pros, would take much time and effort.
see you in another post
Thank you for everything!
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