Short Horror - Comedy Film (Guilty Conscience)

Short Horror - Comedy Film

(Guilty Conscience)

This is a re-upload of the first "real" short film I made before. I am calling it a short movie because it's longer then the videos I used to make, and also this one has a script and dialogue.. I wouldn't say it's a Horror movie, since it's not scary, I couldn't also call it a funny movie.. well it all depends on how you see it, depends on your own perception.. 
The questions I was asking myself at the end are: 
who wants to eliminate the other? 
The person got rid of his conscience? or the conscience did? or from what side is the conscience and what side is the real person? who wants to get rid of the other? and why??
There's nothing serious to be taken from this short movie, it is just a phylosophic vision of your own self. And if you observe a little bit, you will find that there is some truth in what have been said in this short movie.. And that you can relate to somehow..

Anyways this is a short movie that I made, hope that you like it.. If you did enjoy watching the film, please like, comment and share it.. show some support. Thank you :)
 If you can't clearly hear the voice of the conscience you can enable the subtitles.. translation is available too, in french, German, Polish  and arabic, and soon to other languages..

 Just click on the "CC" button and shoose your language
FR: Traduction disponible en Français, activer le bouton sous-titre pour choisir la langue
الترجمة متوفرة بالعربية، يجب تفعيل الزر المخصص كما هو مبين أعلاه ثم اختيار اللغة

Update: The full story of this short movie
I first was looking for new ideas and tricks to make short vine, and suddenly I came through this idea of having a person and his reflection in the mirror but the two are doing separate movements.. I tried it in a vine and it looked really cool and kinda funny, but it stayed in the back of my mind and grew into the idea of a short movie, I first said that it is gonna be me talking to myself in the mirror, thinking of what could be said in this situation inspired me to make it a self talk between me and my conscience, one thing lead to another untill I wrote the script. I had a problem to decide about the ending, like ok we got the idea, it's self talk but how does it end? I did not had that ending in mind at all, it came by pure coinscidence, it was at the moment of the filming when it came out like that, did not have it planned or anything.
After the filming comes the post production, and I must say, editing was really the challenging part, I did not have a fancy computer back then so it took me longer than it should, especially recording the sounds and matching the lipting.
This short movie was later on sent to few mobile film festivals, unfortunately it didn't make it to the special selection in many of them but it was a nice first experience.
Thank you for watching.
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