Drawing Portrait - Reaction video

Drawing Portrait - Reaction Video

My last post was about the Portrait drawing of Natalia here's the link. today I am going to post the video of that Portrait drawing
In case you don't know, those kinds of Drawing videos on youtube are called Speed Drawing videos.. because the uploaders speed them up in the editing session of simply film them that way from the beginning with the new cameras and smartphones, I prefer doing it in the editing because it gives me the chance to show the parts that I want. So that the viewer will not have to watch the whole drawing process that may take hours and hours or maybe days sometimes if the Artist is a slow drawer.
And that also gives the Drawing video a certain artistic touch that makes it more intertaining and enjoyable and less boring.. Watching the whole creation of a portrait from A to Z wouldn't be anything but fun and intertaining to watch, I am talking about assissting to the transformation of a blank paper into a real "live" Drawing.
This is not the first Speed Drawing portrait video I have uploaded to youtube, I have two others and maybe I will upload more Drawings if I ever got more decent ones caught on camera (I have a problem in fixing my camera somewhere and I also move a lot during the Drawing process). I also sometimes spend days in one drawing, like once I am not in the mood, I just leave everything and do something else. But anyway, I have posted the best speed drawing portrait videos I have made somewhere on this blog, I think here on the right -->
But if you want to see the other Drawing videos you may just visit my youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe if you have a youtube account :)
There are many amazing speed drawing videos on youtube that you may watch, the best one I have seen so far is one of Johnny depp, I think it's perfectly made, a very realistic Portrait Drawing. that one inspired me to start shooting my speed drawing videos.

As you can see, Natalia was kind enough to make me a reaction video, which was amazing because I didn't get the chance to hand her the portrait.. I really loved her reaction, she made a longer version but I did some editing and kept the most interesting parts.
Natalia is one of my best friends, she's from Poland, we met for few days when she was visiting Morocco, she is one of the people that I have met in my life and that I instantly had the feeling that I knew them for ages.. We went out few times, we discussed many things, cultures, religions, politics, even the universe. It's really rare to find someone with whom you can go deep in conversations like that.

Hope you like this speed drawing video, see you in the next post.
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Thank you :)
Much Love
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