Drawing portrait of Natalia

Drawing portrait of Natalia

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This is my very beautiful friend Natalia Mrowka, she is from Poland, we met in 2013, she is one of the best people I have met in my life that now became one of my best friends. And the first person (as far as I remember) that I drew two times, usually people beg me to draw them and there are some that are still waiting for years.
Anyway, my previous post drawing portrait: girl with blue eyes was hers too.
By the way she has a very nice blog too, check it out when you have time, it's very interesting it's called: Ant Tcross The World
and like her facebook fan page here Ant Tcross The World

I don't know what happened to blogger pictures Uploader because everytime I upload a new Drawing portrait, blogger messes with the color or the contrast of the drawing or something.
Just like in this portrait drawing, it looks different in something, if you have seen it on my facebook fan page, you would know what I mean, here's the Original portrait drawing link 
you will clearly see that this Drawing looks different in someway, this portrait here looks kind of older then the drawing picture on facebook or has some kind of vintage look to it.. I don't know if it's a bug in the blogger photos system or if they do it on purpose to enhence the quality of the picture.. If so they must ask me first, because now my Portrait drawing is not the same. really, they shouldn't do that.

Apart from the changes done by blogger system to this pencil portrait drawing, it's one of the best I have done this year so far, I haven't done a lot of drawings yet, but I like this one.. Or maybe because I like the beautiful girl in it.
Anyway, I hope that you like this new Portrait drawing, if you like my artwork, share the blog and the fan page with your friends.
don't forget to check other articles for more drawings and more cool stuff.

and hey
Come back another time.

This is another time when I split the same topic between two posts, I clearly could've posted both the pencil drawing and the time lapse video in the same article, maybe I was too excited to share the drawing with the world while the video was not ready yet, because I was waiting for the reaction video to be sent to me from Natalia. Hope that you don't mind this again.. and thank you for your comprehension.
I also forgot to mention the great pencils that I used, I could even call them my babies now, because we have been together for years and they never let me down. I have used mainly 2 pencils of different shades of darkness 2H and 2B, Also used a sharp HB pencil for some tiny areas, along with my usual paper blending stick and the eraser.
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