Drawing glasses


This is the video of the last portrait drawing that I have posted.
Drawing glasses or anything on a person's face can be hard and challenging. Because it limits your freedom and also because the glasses must have a perfect straight shape, either round or oval or even rectangle. 
to draw glasses, first you should define the perspective, or from what angle are you looking at the person's face, once you defined the perspective you draw the frame of the glasses (that you will erase later) the frame means the two lsnses and the 2 major lines. You may need to use a ruler or something round, to make the glasses shape perfect.
you should also pay attention to the area where the lenses are while you are drawing glasses on a person's face.. because it will look a little bit or a lot different from the rest of the face, depending on how thick are the lenses of glasses.. In some drawings it's even harder if the lenses are on the eyes and they make the eye look bigger or smaller, it changes a lot in a Portrait drawing.
drawing glasses on a person's face could add a lot to the personality, just imagine if this portrait drawing was without the glasses, it would sure look a little bit different. Glasses are one of the tools that help us define the face drawing's personality, along with the eyes, eyebrow...

Hope that you like the glasses drawing, and as always if you want to see more drawings and more videos please check out my social media accounts. Thank you.

If you want to check the final result you will find it in the previous blog post in this link
If you want to watch the drawing video click on this link

Little update:
once again it was not fair to reduce this whole artwork to just glasses, I only highlighted the glasses in this one to make it different from the rest of the drawings, I just try to highlight something different each time orelse all posts would be the same (drawing portrait pencil) and that would be boring to you. But that should not in any case mean that everything else is not as important.. because I think I did quiet a good job in this portrait, I really liked it actually, and so did the girl in it. She is a friend of mine, I love her so much, so nice and sweet, I am and I will always be grateful to her for the amazing moments and the happiness that she made me feel. Thank you so much and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you are doing in your life, you absolutely deserve the best in everything.
I also want to thank my fans and followers, for bringing me positive energy and good vibes. You are one of the reasons why I still make art and videos, so thank you so much
Peace and love everyone and see you in the next drawing artwork
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