Pencil VS reality

Pencil vs reality

I made this picture following a photoshop tutorial about mixing
a pencil drawing with the original photograph, but there are a lot of ways to do it, I have seen some of the artworks here and there about mixing pencil drawing and reality, and I liked them, so I thought about making one.. this is simply done.. just as a try, I'm thinking about making a special one, like me holding a piece of paper with the pencil drawing on it and putting it on the original photo.. would look cool and artistic I guess.. There is a famous European artist who does it all the time, but I forgot his name, I think he was from Belgium
anyway, hope you like this mixture.

Little update:
After few years I wanted to recreate this picture again because it was a low resolution picture so it doesn't look good on new screens any more, I mean I wanted to mix the pencil drawing with the original picture again, but I figured out that I've lost the Original picture, what a pity, and I looked everywhere in my old computer and hard drives..
I waned to try the same technique with other drawings but it didn't work, it doesn't look very artistic, somehow it doesn't fit all pictures, also sometimes there are differences in the distances and sizes, so the pencil drawing and the reality picture are not identical, and this creates a problem in the mixing.. So now I'm going crazy, why can't I find the original pic and why didn't it work with other photos.. really frustrating.
By the way, this is one of the photoshop skills that I have, I did some training back in the days in a city in Morocco called Casablanca (I'm sure you have heard about it) in photoshop and photography, and of course watched some photoshop tutorials on youtube, so I can say now that I have a decent level in photoshop.. I just love how you can do a lot in it and enhence images, I literally restaured some old damaged photos of me and others of my family, and also colorized them, now they almost look like they have been taked with a new digital camera.. Especially one of my mother when she was young, I worked on it and made it look decent, colorized it and then printed it and put it in a nice frame, my mother was really happy seeing it, now she has it in her room.. So yeah thanks photoshop, I am grateful that it exists, even if some people missuse it to fake stuff.
Finally the girl in the picture is an old friend of mine, she's Moroccan but moved to Doha in Qatar, she is very cute and very sweet and also very honest,one of the few honest females I have met in my life, I am looking forward to meeting her soon.
Thank you for visiting my website and reading my words

peace, love, art, and positive vibes.
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