Drawing beautiful eyes (drawing portrait)

Drawing beautiful eyes

When you're drawing portraits, eyes are very important, and there are techniques of how to draw eyes in a portrait..
I must say this is one of my very best drawings, that I'm proud of, I took all my time in making it.. this is by the way a friend of mine, she's very nice and crazy.. and as you can see she has beautiful eyes, typical beautiful moroccan type of eyes.. her straight smooth hair is also very special with its strong black color..
I unfortunately don't see her or talk to her any more because she got married some years now and she is busy with her new life.. I wish her the best of luck from the bottom of my heart. We were online friends for years but we only met twice in our lives.. I guess I am not the only person who meets amazing people but they live miles and miles away.. It is really crazy for me, it seems like all my cool peeps are away from me and can't find any ones that are as cool as them near where I live.
So I really hope that you like it, more stuff coming soon, stay tuned..

If you wanna learn how to draw realistic eyes, check out this Tutorial
This is also a drawing that was a turn in my life, it was a masterpiece back then, but now I evolved passed it and made better drawings.. Also because back in 2012 when this drawing was created, I didn't have the set of advanced pencils that I have now, I used just one pencil for the whole thing, so you can imagine how hard it is.. So it is actually very impressive that I could come out with such great results with only one pencil.
I also applied a photoshop tutorial on this drawing and colorized it, it did not came out as I expected but I still like the outcome. You can see the final result if you want in this Article. I noticed that most people like colors though, for example when I first made the colored version, I posted them both on facebook, and I noticed that the colored one got more reactions than the original percil drawing ones.. I guess it's in our nature, since we were kids, we are drawn to colorful stuff.. But of course there are and there will always be people that are fan of black and white art and drawings. the same way that there are people that are still into handmade stuff instead of machine made ones. Some people even prefer the type wroter to computers.
At the end I would like to thank you so much for reading and checking my website / blog, I am really grateful, and do not hesistate to follow me and to subscribe to my channel, it's always a pleasure to have you.
wish you the best of luck in your life
peace, love, art, light, and positive vibes.
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