Drawing Portrait of a baby face girl

Drawing Portrait of baby face girl

I made this drawing about two months ago! also one of the best drawings I've ever made, I'm so proud of it! spent some time making it and put huge effort on it, and when I posted it the first time many people liked it so much, don't know if they like it cause it's well done or because the girl is beautiful, but I was happy to hear the feedback, what attracted me the most in this drawing is the innocence in her face, she looks so young and innocent, and she really is.. I knew her for some years now and I'm so glad I came across such a honest person on my journey.. It's rare that it happen in a lifetime to meet many honest people so when it does make sure to take advanage and enjoy every moment of it, cherish the time you spend together, because once those people go they will never come back. Anyway, hope you liked that one, I'm going to post a video of when I was drawing it soon.. stay tuned.

Little update:
This is one of the drawings that I see now as turns in my artistic life. If you have been following me since the beginning you will understand what I am talking about. when I drew this one six years ago (it's May 2018 now) it was the best one I made, like a big step ahead in developping my drawing skills, but now I'm passed it, I have drawn better ones that I can concider my personal masterpieces. I am really grateful that I am evolving, and hopefully I will get better even more with time. What is fascinating is that back then I thought that I have reached the top, and that I couldn't do any better even if I tried to, look at me now, I've done way better, and there is still progress to be made. I see artists now that are way better than me and they inspire me to go higher, the sky is the limit. So if you are a beginner in drawing or any kind of art please do not be discouraged, even if you don't like your actual creations, you WILL get better with time just relax and take deep breaths, don't make the mistake of looking at the artwork of professional artist and think that they were born that way, they were not, they started small and worked hard to achieve the level you see now, and you too one day once you reach theur level, you will inspire others to do the same. but if you give up now you will regret it for the rest of your life.. everytime you see an artist try to find their old creations, you might even be better than them when they first started.. believe me, i have been there myself.
It feels better to share with you my thoughts this night, that's one of the biggest internet pros..
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