Drawing little girl face

Drawing little kids

Drawing kids is kinda easier then drawing adult portraits
this is a drawing of a 5 years old girl, and why I say it's easy is because on a kid's face there are not too many details, the face is simple and "emty" if you're not good at drawing portraits try starting with drawing little kids
and by the way this is my lovely little niece Rim, she was born in 2007, she has brought life and joy to our house because it has been a long time since we had a kid at home, we are all grown ups now..

it has been few years since I have become a professionnal drawer, and since then the request I'm getting from people I know and don't know doubled hundereds of times, just Oh My God, seems like everyone wants a free drawing.. people don't understand that drawing costs a lot, I mean I could spend days on a single drawing, plus pencils, papers, eraser, paper blending sticks.. and all the art supplies I use cost money, they are not free, so before asking anyone about something for free think about all these issues.. It doesn't mean that I am a bad person, I wish I could draw everyone, but I just can't, it's a job and people get something in exchange of a job that's how life is.
Although it's the family and close friends that are the big issue.. Because you can't say no to them.. Anyway, just an advice, if you have a friend who is an artist no matter what they do: drawing, painting, music, sculpture.. anything, please support them by buying their products, don't ask for free stuff.. It will help them a lot, it's not easy to live on art so they are already struggling.

You will probably later on this blog find a drawing of "Nasro" who is Rim's brother, he was complaining that I did not draw him like I drew his sister, and since I love him so much and he is very cute i couldn't stop myself one day from taking my pencils and drawing him, tyou should have seen the joy on his face when he saw it, he did not expected that I would do it for real.. So now he is even with his sister, but guess what? they got another brother last year, he is just over a year now, still doesn't know what does drawing mean but it is just a matter of time before I will have to draw him too.. I'll be happy too, I love my little cute nephew Jad, especially when he wears his superman's suit and becomes Super Jad, he's as cute as can be.. I hope that my brother would not have any more kids because three are more than enough for me to draw in one family, I still own my other nieces and neohews drawings, I love them all equally so I must do it. I just don't know where to buy more time.
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