Short film: Trying to get me to read books

The Video

Short film: Trying to get me to read books:

This is the clone effect, It's an easy old trick, I have done it many times in the past but this time I just wanted to add something, how can I manage to make it look like I gave myself the book, of course I can't hand it to myself (it's a hard thing to do and needs more resources) so I thought about putting it on the table and then picking it up, for those who want to know, I did this video using Corel video studio x2, I used the cropping filter and for the 60s look of the video I used another filter (don't remember the name).. 
It didn't turn out to be like I wanted it to be :( lots of mistakes in the shooting, ant so the trick was visible even to non professionnal people.. that's why I wanted to kinda hide it, making the movie looks old and moving all the time was my trick, I know it's still not working, but if you have seen the original result you would tell that now it's much better..
the music is a free "instrumental with hook" I downloaded from soundclick of hardkorerap beats..
right now Im working on another one, and this time I am using a mirror.. kind of talking to my reflection in the mirror, it also needs a lot of work, I just hope the result would be worth the effort..
Enjoy.. any feedback is welcome :)
Thank you.
Smail Jr

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