Drawing girl with dreadlocks

Drawing dreadlocked girl

was not as easy as I though, I am not talking about drawing the portrait, I am talking about just the dreadlocks
This is Sami, my beautiful friend from South Africa! I know her from a social site for dreadheads called dreadlockssite.com, before I cut my locks (I had to find a job and it's unfortunately almost impossible to find one with such hair and look)... Anyways :( Sami used to have very pretty dreads on her, I loved them so much so I thought about drawing them, it was a new challenge to me because I have never drawn dreads in my whole life,  Sami's hair color helped a lot because it's not dark, so it was easy to see clearly the "border" of every lock if you can say so.. I also drew this portrait at work, in a peaceful beautiful sunny day, I remember that all my collegues saw it and they were all amazed.. not by my drawings skills of course but by the beauty of Sami lol, they told me that you're only a copier :D .. bastards :P one of them told me "Dude next time I'll bring you a picture of my girlfriend and you'll draw it for me" another one said "when's my turn? I want you to draw me dude" :S what have I done to myself, I hate special requests, the most thing I hate is "DRAW ME" AARRGGG I'm not a printer, I draw what I want, not what I'm told to :( people just don't want to understand.. all arts are based on freedom, if you're not free you can't create :P
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