So what to say about what's coming? I don't know really, maybe I will just let you discover, nothing talks about the product better than the product itself.. I guess I will just let you see what's gonna happen, there's no point in starting with a whole essay.. how many would bother to read anyway XD

Alright!! hope that you guys are going to have a great time on my blog, get back to you later.

Oh well, now I have to fill every post since google thinks that my blog has nothing to offer because it does not have enough textual content and because I dedicate way more space to pictures.. Obviously because most of the pictures are MY DRAWINGS and that is one of the main reasons why I even started a blog, to show people all around the world my artwork, so what's the point of publishing small pictures and a lot of blah blah text?? I really don't understand.. My main creations are visual pictures, and in many cases I prefer that the drawing talks about itself, so there is no need for me to write a whole essay each time just to prove that I am original and I can give value.. I try to ontribute through my art, not through text.. wish that there was someone I could talk to, but it's mostly bots and robots in there. I understand since they must be receiving millions of similar complains from artists and content creators all over the world. So what can I do? I can only try to comply with google's community guidelines as much as I can, hoping that my followers understand and do not get bored when they see a lot of texts in my blog posts.

Update number two:
I really have no idea why they keep telling me that my blog is empty.. I literaly changed every single post on here manually, and wrote original exclusive content, I have put my soul into it, and yet somehow they are not satisfied, what could I do more? do you have any ideas? I am running out of them.. should I give up and quit?

Anyway, this is my youtube Channel trailer, it gives you an idea about what I generally do:
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