Drawing flowers

drawing flowers

I'm feeling Happy today :D was chilling, and thought about sharing these 2 flowers with you :) I drew this at the age of 11 I think! and it was a new challenge for me, wanted to try something new, so I made a grey-ish background, didn't want any white in the paper, the basic color was grey like if Im drawing on a grey paper.. it's like adding a little darkness to the whole picture.. it's something simple but it reminds me of one of the first challenges I made :)
And now that I look at it, it is really something to be proud of too.. concidering the age I was and the limited drawing skill I had back then, I literally used different shades of grey to give this drawing a 3d illusion, if I did not have this proof and sombody told me that I did that now at this age I probably will not believe them. Isn't it amazing the things we do as kids and that now we can hardly believe we did? this is not the first time that this happens to me.. I have gone through several challenges in drawing and other things, I look at them now and go like "did I really draw this? or do that?" but that create another problem too, I start questioning myself, did I even evolve? lol since I was able to do all thise challenging things at that young age then what did I learn? what have I improved through all these years? or maybe I was improving at a very tiny rate? or maybe improvement doesn't count by every single thing but instead as a whole? like evolving as a person with everything related to the human being, be it skills, or way of thinking, or mindset.. maybe, what do you think?
Anyway, I hope that you like the flowers, and please be easy with the cretics, I was very young back then, mostly a kid, would you hurt the feelings of a kid? i think you won't.. or if you do then it is really not cool.
Take care of yourself.
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