Arabic songs :)

Me playing music

Arabic Songs

Yes I have made few songs in Arabic too, well actually not Arabic but Moroccan dialect language, or moroccan darija

In this video below you will see me playing an arabic instrument called "Oud" or the Luth, I always wonder what is the real name of it in English.. I used to be good at it back in my teenage years, mainly because my older brother is great at it so I picked it from him, when he was not playing it I used to grab it and imitate exactly what he does, with time I learned to play few songs on it and I became good, well maybe not good good let's say I was ok.. I even was in a local band in the city where I have studied high school, I small local band that used to play music in small city events and always in weddings and different celebrations.

This is the first "all moroccan" rap song I have ever made, and I must say that I am really proud of it, because I made it all from scratch, I composed the instrumental music, I wrote my part of the lyrics and my friend Jaller wrote his part, I also did all the mixing and the rearragements, same like I did with all my songs.. and it turns out to be actually good, better than what I have expected, many people liked it because its funny, also other fellow rappers and artists told me that my flow was way better in this one compared to what I did in the English rap songs I made.

And finally this is an Arabic rap / rnb song that I have made featuring the great Doha. who was a really good singer back in the day, she even made it to one of the national TV talents show in Morocco, but unfortunatly did not continue on it, due to some family issues, she has a great voice I loved it so much. I had the idea to make this song years before it became true. Mainly because I couldn't find a good singer that would deliver the RNB performance I was looking for. It is also one of the songs that I am very proud of, because I made everything myself, the music, the lyrics with the help of my friend Jaller, and the recording with the help of the music Teacher Hassan Salama.

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