My Songs

Me playing the guitar

My songs and music:

Music was always one of my biggest passions, either making it or singing (I do not have a great voice) I just do it for fun, because why not? like I say in one of my songs "everybody is singing so why not me?"
And since my taste in music is very diverse, I have sang and created different kinds of music, mainly rap song and instrumental, but I also have a reggae song, and acoustic guitar song, arabic romantic song, metal instrumental, oriental instrumental, and some fusion style between different kind of music.
I also play the "Oud" or "Luth" which is an arabic instrument that looks a little bit like the guitar with a bigger round body.
I was not planning to pursue music as a career that is why I stopped making music for a long time now, I still have two songs that are still unfinished and that I will try to release one day, especially that one of them is a feat between an American singer.
Anyway, listen to my songs and music but be easy on creticising lol, I'm just an amateur artist having fun sharing what he loves with the world :)

Here's a selection of my songs in English.. nothing professional, just having fun :) hope you like what you see.



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