Filmmaking Interview for beginners with Selena Moshell

Filmmaking Interview for beginners with Selena Moshell

Watch the interview I did about filmmaking tips and tricks and also few advices about photography and dancing:

Selina Moshell's Official website: (new window)
Filmmaker, Photographer, and Dancer from Los Angelos California USA.
She was visiting Morocco on holidays with her family, I had the chance to meet her, we exchanged a lot of ideas and thoughts and I suggested that we make this interview together, so that she could reach out to my followers and help the ones that are interesting in making films or starting a new career in photography.. she agreed to do the interview and I am very thankful that she did.
We could have done more, like a short film or something together but the timeframe was not on out favor, 4 days was not enough to come up with a new unique creation and make it come true, plus we also did not have the nessesary equipments, camera, gears, sound system and all the stuff..

Here are the highlights of the interview:

Q: What s filmmaking (or digital storytelling) to you?
A: filmmaking is photography and dance combined, because it's moving pictures, I love it cause I get to use my mouvement training and rythm and photography (framing, composition...) to make a new art form and to tell a story from start to finish.

Q: What could you tell to the beginners who have stories to tell and want to get into filmmaking?
A: Now it's the best time to do it. You can even do it with your phone.. There's nothing stopping us from telling our stories now. Don't be hard on yourself just start doing it and you'll get better everytime you give it a try.

Q: It's impossible to come up with a brand new idea that has never been done before, how can you use a used idea without falling into copying?
A: I feel like art builds upon itself, yeah all the ideas have already been done before but they can always grow and change and evolve and keep going. if you're a beginner don't be afraid to tell the same story, other stories will come out of it, and it's good to do something that is already been done, people will be familiar with it and it helps.

Q: How do you get inspired?
A: I travel, it's very interesting to see different cultures, meet different people, hear their stories...

Q: What about people who can't travel for any reason?
A: The internet is a great source of inspiration

Q: Can an amateur make a movie that a big audiance will like and enjoy?
A: Yes, some people grew from something simple like their youtube channels

Q: Why do you create art? for commercial purposes? for yourself, to learn and grow, or just to share your experiences with the world?
A: Yes to all of that, I'd love to make money with my art but I also feel like I can't help but make art, I've been doing it since I can remember.

Q: What can you tell people who want to get into photography?
A: Also this is the best time to do it, we have smartphones, instagram and some simple tools to get into it.

Q: But instagram and social media make everything easier, they do all the job for you
A: Not all the job, they can help with all the presets and stuff but you can still get to the edit portion and you'll have the chance to play with the different settings like brightness, sharpness, colors.. and many controls that sometimes your camera doesn't have, and it's a great way to start photography

Q: What are the qualities and requirements that a good photographer or videographer must have?
A: Having their own point of view and the confidence that your point of view will be different than the others.

Q: Can anybody start dancing at any age? or do you have to start very young?
A: I think if you wanna be a professional dancer you have to start younger because the physical facility is there and you're more flexible but dance just for exercice or recreation of fun you can start any time you want.

Q: Do beginner filmmakers have to study the proper lighting, color correction, camera angles and stuff? or can they just do whatever feels right?
A: I think you learn a lot by doing, so you will have your own feedback but if you wanna go further in that field it's better that you study, I've studied from textbooks, composition, frames, editing.. all these cinematic principles have been the same since 1900s. The good thing is that all human knowlege now is on the internet, and cinema studies are no exception.

Q: Last word to the beginners?
A: Don't be afraid of creating films, there's nothing to be intimidated by, everybody has stories to tell and there's this great platform called the internet that you can use, and you never know who you might help or inspire or reach out to.. So there's nothing stopping you right now but yourself so go ahead and start.
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