Low budget filmmaking - Ep1: The IDEA

how to make a movie on low budget

You may watch the first episode in the youtube video HERE

filmmaking is no longer exclusive to huge companies, now with the new technologies and new resources that we have, we can all make our own amateur movie, be it a short or a feature one. We just need to be creative and come up with a new idea that would be out of the box. Or it does not have to be a brand new one, we can always recycle an old idea but add our touch to it, grow it, or add value through it.
There are many films out there that were not huge budget but they were very successful, like the movie called "The exam" for example. Most of it was filmed in one room, with about 10 actors.. that's it, and it was a great movie, very entertaining. And there are many others through the cinematic history.

So the first thing to think about is: THE IDEA. it could be about any theme. My first short movie "Guilty conscience" was about me talking to my conscious in the mirror, so the main idea I got back then was "me talking to myself in the mirror".. From that concept I came up with the story and the script and filmed my first short film ever.

How to get inspired and find your movie idea:
  • Watch other movies
  • Read books and novels
  • Observe people in their everyday life
  • Through discussions with friends and likeminded people
  • Join and partake in filmmakers forums
  • ...etc

Since your movie is low budget then you should not go crazy with your ideas, remember that you should actually be able to make that movie in reality, so an alien invasion or a WW3 may not be the best idea. To do so you should work backwards, meaning: know what you have and can use before coming up with an idea.

Here is what you should consider before coming up with your movie idea:
  • Actors: who are the people that will act in your movie? can you rely on them? will they be there in rehearsals and the filming days and everything? are they good actors or do you need to guide them?...
  • Tools: cameras, microphones, lighting systems, costumes, masks, makeup...
  • Locations: Where can you film? house, garage, forest, beach... (you may need a permit to film in some locations, and you are not allowed to film people without their consent)

Write a list of everything you have and everything  available to you, study it very well and then come up with an idea that would be doable to you.

It is way better if your movie has a positive message, like it conveys some positive thing, adds value, or raises awareness about an important issue. Or at least it is entertaining.. Because that we make up for the mistakes that you will be making in the scriptwriting, filming, acting, and editing. Especially if you are planning to send it to some kind of competition, like movie festivals or school events...

Stages of making a movie on low budget:
  • Get inspired
  • Study your resources
  • Think of a positive message to tell through your movie
  • come up with a theme and an idea
  • Start writing the story and the script (Next episode)

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