Summer Drawings - Pencil and Pen


Summer Drawings

I am running out of names to name each of my drawing, and also I do not think that it is a good idea to post one drawing per blog post, that is why I decided to start a group post, this is the first one, I named it summer drawings, meaning that I will upload all of the artwork I will create during the whole summer, so make sure to check this post again at the end of the summer to see all the sketches i made with both pencils and pens.

The drawing you see above was digitally colored in Photoshop, here is the initial version before the coloring:

I made the mistake of not getting it centered in the middle of the paper, but anyway, it is just the summer effect on me.

Here is the 15 second long speed drawing video from my YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven't already):

It is so bad that people are not patient anymore, whenever I post a speed drawing video of one minute or longer nobody watchs all of it, people skip directly to the final result, that is why I have been posting only few seconds long videos, and still some people do not bother to watch.. I guess that is the effect of TikTok.. People want shorter and shorter videos.

I will post later two celebrities that I drew recently, you might have noticed that I have not been creating portraits a lot, I tend to sketch cartoon figures, I want to improve my skills, but I have made 2 portraits recently, so stay tuned.

And do not forget, this article does not end here, more drawings will be added during the whole summer.

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