Élodie Nahla Nakkach Drawing (Video)


Élodie Nahla Nakkach Drawing

First of all and without wasting any of your time here is the drawing:

And here is the speed drawing video (17 seconds):

Ok, now let's do some usual talking, in case you were from Africa you would know that few weeks ago we celebrated the 12th edition of the WAFCON (Women African Cup Of Nation) which is kind of similar to the Women Euro. Anyway, South Africa won this edition against Morocco in the final match, but one player of the Moroccan team got my attention, the one you see in the portrait drawing, people unfortunately only remember players who scored goals but football is a team work at the end, and some players do a lot of hard work but they stay in the shadow, Elodie is one of them. So I decided to draw her as an act of recognition, also because I liked her facial features I find her to be beautiful. I have used the same pencils as usual, so nothing new in that matter..

More info about Elodie Nakkach:

Élodie Nahla Nakkach (Arabic: إيلودي نهلة نقاش), born January 20th, 1995 in Limoges, is a Moroccan international footballer playing as a midfielder.


Club career

Élodie Nakkach began her training at JS Lafarge, then made brief spells at CS Feytiat and Limoges Landouge Foot. She then left Limousin in 2011 to join Soyaux, in D1. This first experience at the high level is mixed, since disturbed by injuries. She then joined ESOFV La Roche-sur-Yon in 2012 to obtain playing time in the second division. In 2014-2015, she participated in the rise in D1 of her team. But after a following season with an immediate descent, she decided to return to Soyaux in 2016.

In the 2017-2018 off-season, Élodie Nakkach signed with Dijon FCO3.

Experience in Switzerland

After several seasons in Dijon, she left France for Switzerland by signing with Servette in the summer of 2021.

The 2021-2022 sports season is one of the busiest for Élodie Nakkach, who plays a total of 50 matches in all competitions with her club and her selection.

Selection career

Morocco team

Élodie Nakkach has been regularly called up to the Moroccan team since 2017 to participate in various training courses and friendly matches.

It takes part in the qualifiers for the CAN 2018, and those for the 2020 Olympic Games. But Morocco fails to qualify for the respective final stages.

2022 African Cup of Nations

After having played several preparatory courses, she was selected by Reynald Pedros to take part in the CAN 2022. An edition during which Morocco reached the final and won its ticket for the World Cup for the first time in its history.

She plays all the matches of the competition as a starter.


In a club

ESOFV La Roche-sur-Yon

  •     Vice-champion of D2 France: 2015

Dijon FCO

  •     Vice-champion of D2 France: 2018

Servette FCCF

  •     Vice-champion of D1 Switzerland: 2022

In selection

Morocco team

    Aisha Buhari Cup

  •         2nd place: 2021

    Malta International Tournament

  •         Winner: 2022

    African Cup of Nations

  •         Finalist: 2022

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