Squid Game - Why do people LOVE it so much

Squid Game - Why do people LOVE it so much? the 3 Secret ingredients

My last post was also about squid game but that one was a drawing, totally different, and I promise this one is gonna be the last one about it. It's just that I felt like I had to share my ideas with you, felt like I discovered the atom again lol

Why do people love squid game so much?

In case you don't know, squid game is a new Original Netflix TV series from South Korea, it is mostly about a group of broke random people that are going through hard times, taken to a deserted island to play 6 games and 6 days, the winner will take millions, and the losers will be terminated (in a brutal way)

Here is the video I made about it:

Squid game cast:

Lee Jung-jae: Seong Gi-hun (no 456) Park Hae-soo: Cho Sang-woo (no 218) Yeong-Su oh: Oh Il-nam (no 001) Jung Ho-yeon: Kang Sae-byeok (no 067) Heo Sung-tae: Jang Deok-su (no 101) Anupam Tripathi: Abdul Ali (no 199) Kim Joo-ryoung: Han Mi-nyeo (no 212)

Squid game has become the most watched Series in Netflix very quickly.

And here is my opinion why, first of all some people will watch it just because it's Korean, some people love the Korean culture. Others will watch it out of curiosity, especially people that are used to watching American or English speaking Series. But the main reasons are:
  1. - Money: the winner will become a millionaire, and people love money especially easy cold Cash, actually there nothing that people love more than getting a lot of money with the minimum effort, so that's the first reason.
  2. - Games and gaming: everyone is a gamer now, all people are into gaming, so anything that has gaming as a theme will get people hooked.
  3. - Risk and danger: in squid game if you lose you'll die, so living on the edge triggers some emotions in human beings, those risky game boost our adrenaline. If you have watched the show you will notice that when they players are in danger and if they do a wrong move they will end up dying, your heart might be pounding and you are making all kinds of faces..
  4. - People can relate: the characters they picked to play squid game are all going through some hard times in their lives, they are all in debt and cannot pay back, and that is what everyone in the world is going through right now, everyone is going through hard times financially, so the viewers will fantasize about being in the same situations as the characters of the show, where they will just have to play some games and win millions and all their problems will be solved.

So here is me giving all filmmakers the ingredients to create the most watched TV series of all time: A lot of easy money to gain by the minimum effort, gaming theme, and living dangerously.. I accept commissions though.

In case you missed my last article, I actually drew Jung Ho-yeon: Kang Sae-byeok (player number 067 in squid game) and made a nice video about it with a nice song that is a remix of what we could hear is the first game they player, check it out Here.
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