SQUID GAME - Drawing Jung Ho-yeon (player 067)


SQUID GAME - Drawing player 067 Kang Sae Byeok (Jung Ho-yeon)

Here is the final version (pencils only):

Jung Ho-yeon pencil drawing

But then when I transferred it to my laptop I though about adding some colors in photoshop, so here is the result:

Jung Ho-yeon drawing plus some coloring

And of course I would not miss the chance to make a short time-lapse video while I was drawing (if you're a fan of Squid Game there is a surprise for you in the video, it's the song)

You sure have heard of the new Netflix series called Squid Game, right? it is everywhere and everybody is talking about it, I myself even thought about making a review and share my thoughts on it, because yes I have actually watched it. I am not that into Korean drama or K-pop but I am open to exploring new cultures, and that was one of the reasons why I decided to watch Squid Game, besides that I am starting to see new memes and pictures and people talk in like a special Squid-Game-ish code, and I don't like that, I prefer to be updated and aware of what is going on.

But first I decided to draw one of the main characters of the TV show and see the reaction of my fans. I don't always follow the trend either, but sometimes I do, another reason why I decided to draw Ho-Yeon Jung that was playing the character "Kang Sae Byeok" also known as Player 067 is that I have never drawn an Asian person before, this is my first time, Asian people have different bone structure than the rest of the world, so I thought it would be challenging.


The new Original Netflix series is mostly about some players that are invited to an island to play 6 games in 6 days, the winner will take millions of dollars (in korean currency of course) and the losers.. well they were terminated in a brutal way. 

The song you hear in the video is a remix of the slogan of the first game they played, it was called "Red Light Green Light", it is basically a game where you can move as long as the light is green but once it becomes red you must stop where you are and not make any moves, if you do you lose. By the way even if it's called squid game there are not squids in it.

I liked the song remix so much so I included it with my video, it sounds childish yet very creepy when you know the story behind it. And if you also noticed the time-lapse video I made for this pencil drawing is a little different, I did not want it to be boring, just me sketching on paper, I tried to make it more interesting with some transitions and hand gestures, hope that you liked it.

Jung Ho-yeon (Korean: 정호연; born June 23, 1994) is a fashion model and actress from South Korea. Vogue has dubbed her as "Korea's next top model", and she appeared on the namesake show's 4th season (where she was placed second). She was ranked as one of the "Top 50" fashion models by one of the famous model's websites.

Ho-yeon Jung was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, she has two siblings. Jung graduated from Dongduk Women's University and majored in modeling. Jung has been in a relationship with an actor called Lee Dong-hwi since 2016 with no kids yet.

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