Peoples Cinema S01 E01 - when My movie was on SKY TV (Showcase TV)


Peoples Cinema S01 E01 - when My movie was on SKY TV (Showcase TV)

Peoples Cinema Season 01 Episode 01, July 2021, when My short film Corona Birds won in the category of minutes and was broadcast on SKY TV Channel 191 (also known as Showcase TV).

Here is the Edited version of the show (I removed the other two winning films of 3 and 10 minutes because I do not have the permissions of their filmmakers, and I also removed the part of my movie because I have it on a separate video on my channel)

If you remember few weeks ago I posted a video in my Youtube channel asking all my fans and followers to vote for me in a competition, it was for people's cinema, which is a new concept made by some amazing people, even the slogan they used is unique "By the people, for the people" a concept where beginner aspiring filmmakers like myself can have a chance to get their creations seen by the masses.

Here is the official website for people's cinema:

you can submit a trailer in one of the movie categories, as long as it is either 3, 5, or 10 minutes long. Then it will be subject for votes, and the winners films will be broadcast on UK national TV Showcase channel..

It was such an amazing experience for me. It has been a dream for me to have one of my films on TV, and to be honest I never expected that it would happen that way. I first heard of People's Cinema in a facebook group, it was by pure coincidence, or maybe not because I believe that everything happens for a reason. Anyway, I decided to submit the trailer of my film "Corona Birds" simply because I think that so far it is the best short movie that I have made. My other short that I love "Alienized" has unfortunately few mistakes that I explained in its article, especially the sound, that's why I hesitated to submit it. I wouldn't risk not being on TV because of some mistakes, mind you that it was my first short film that has more than one character, and more than one filming angle.

After submitting I asked all my friends and family and also my subscribers and followers to go vote for me in the official website of the competition. I could have had thousands of votes if all of them took that step but hey, everyone is lazy including myself, so I don't blame them for not voting. but my closest friends and my family of course and some diehard fans did though, and it was enough for me to win.

I was so happy to receive that email telling me I won.. But it was not the end of it, I had to send them the full movie in a good quality that would be smooth on TV, to broadcast a video on a television is not the same as uploading it to Youtube, there are some technical requirements that my movie didn't meet, and that was another challenge, because I do not have the original project any more, only had the final exported video. I worked on it, watched some tutorial videos on youtube about how to fix everything I could fix (you can tell how determined I was to make things work) and I did. i finally sent them an updated version that has the requirements they suggested.

People's Cinema Show Schedule on July 29th 2021

Another video I had to film is what they call C30 in People's Cinema, which is a small presentation that I had to make about myself and my movie. Because you never know who's going to be watching and who might be interested in knowing more about you as a filmmaker.

Me presenting myself and my short film

I will always be grateful to People's Cinema staff for this magnificent concept that they created for beginner filmmakers. It is an opportunity to everyone to get their voice heard, so if you are also a filmmaker and want a chance go ahead, submit your work, take the step.. You never know what life has in store for you.

Finally here is the winning short movie (In Moroccan language subtitled in English)

Thank you!

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