Corona Birds Movie - فيلم مغربي عصافير كورونا

Corona Birds Movie - فيلم مغربي عصافير كورونا

Synopsis of the movie:

Razane, a 7 years old only child had a normal life just like any other child of her age. Going to school, playing with her dolls and toys, taking Ballet class.. Her life changed upside down after the unexpected total lockdown because of the corona virus pandemic.. She never witnessed such a thing and she had to adapt to the new lifestyle, which is basically doing everything from home, studying, playing, and even taking her ballet classes.
Loving to be free like a bird, Razane felt imprisoned in a cage. But she refused to give up and therefore started to find a way towards freedom. A freedom she partially found from the window, when she met another kid in the same condition as hers. and an innocent friendship started between the two birds..

You may watch the full movie in this Youtube video below:

Synopsis in Arabic:
رزان ، طفلة وحيدة أبويها عمرها 7 سنوات فقط تعيش حياة طبيعية مثل أي طفل آخر في نفس عمرها. تقتصر حياتها على الدراسة و اللعب و دروس الباليه .. فجأة تتغيرت حياتها رأسا على عقب بعد إعلان حالة الطوارئ الصحية وفرض الحجر المنزلي ..
الحدث غير مسبوق وكان عليها أن تتكيف مع نمط الحياة الجديد، الذي يقتصر بشكل أساسي على القيام بكل شيء من المنزل، الدراسة واللعب و حتى دروس الباليه.

رزان وهي مثل الطائر الحر يحلق في كل مكان؛ شعرت أنها صارت حبيسة في قفص. لكنها رفضت الإستسلام و بدأت تبحث عن طريق الحرية.
حرية وجدتها جزئيا من خلال النافذة عندما التقت طفلة آخر في نفس حالتها. و تنشأ صداقة بريئة بين العصفورتين..

So far there are many films and movies about the quarantine, and life during the quarantine, but this one is a special one, it's not only based on real events, IT IS REAL EVENTS and while they are happening right now in the Coronavirus time quarantine.
Most takes and footages in this movie were filmed suddenly without preparation, it made the quality less impressive but it makes the story as real as can be.
So do not expect special effects or high cinematic frames and stuff but you will be pleased by the raw truth. You will be a part of the life of the protagonist.

You will get to see from the perspective of a little girl trapped at home because of something she doesn't understand, she probably imagine Covid-19 as a monster eating people and we have to hide from it, or maybe Corona is just like a hide-and-seek game.. the kid's vision to the world and what's happening in it is way different than ours.

Why Birds?
Simply because they symbolize freedom, birds hate being put in a cage and they always seek to spread their wings and be free. Plus it's maybe a coincidence that two little birds come everyday to the balcony of the protagonist house looking for food and water, Nothing was prepared it just happened.. and during Covid19 world Pandemic. To me it felt like this movie has to be made, and had to be filmed, edited, published and shared during the quarantine.

The Message:
Freedom, one of the things we take for granted, and that we miss so much right now.
Innocence, Something pure and beautiful that we don't see everyday in our world.
Friendship, real connection between humans without hidden agendas..

Film Tagline:
Birds were meant to be free

This short Movie is Property of Smail Jr, filmed with the exclusive consent of the protagonist and their families, all rights reserved, April 2020

Music (Soundtrack) used in the movie:
Touching Moments Two - Higher by Kevin MacLeod
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