A Boring Depressive Movie with No Ending


A Boring Depressive Movie with No Ending


This film is ONLY for people who can handle it, Do NOT watch if you're looking for entertainment, there's no plot twists or anything fun, You are warned.

You may watch the full movie in UHD - 4K quality below in my youtube channel:

Like I said it is not a misleading title neither am I trying to get you curious so that you will watch, the title said it all, and that's all you'll get, so don't come up to me complaining that you wasted four minutes of your life. this short movies doesn't respect any filmmaking rules either, No proper story with beginning middle and ending. No formatted script or screenplay.. it's just a bunch of sequences one after the other, no rule of third, no filming for different angles.. not even a good lighting or good sound. The terrible lighting cause noises in the dark areas pf the frame, and also the bad microphone and the noises around made the sounds less enjoyable. But guess what, I did all that on perpous, it was somehow a way for me to express some negative feelings through art and filmmaking, because why not? as long as I am not lying to anybody. You can't keep suppressing your negative emotions, you must process them and let them out somehow.. talk to them, tell them that they don't serve you any more and it is time for them to leave.. Every artist goes through having an art block, or creative block, each one deals with it in a different way.. This one was my way to deal with it. making a boring depressive movie without a proper ending..

Here's the narration in case you don't wanna watch the full movie:

Here we go again Another boring day with usual automatic chores it has been a while since I've done something exciting Every artist goes through what we call an art block or a creative block It's when you can't think of any new ideas. but How can you? it's almost impossible to come up with a brand new idea that nobody has ever thought about. All you can do is recycle old ideas and add your own perspective, your own unique touch, but even that is not easy to do when you have an art block

... same old same old

Boring boring boring Depression can cause it too, or makes it worse... and longer You try to cheer yourself up with junk food and TV also boring movies with predictable endings stereotypes Stressful news, you can't love or be loved You try to distract yourself with meaningless encounters you try to drink away your pain.. But nothing works maybe my life is just boring, nothing new happens.. but wait, why not just give up? but that would make me a quitter.. So what? sometimes giving up is less painful than holding on to something.. According to some positive quote I've read somewhere.. Or let's say embrace it.. Yeah that's the word, why not embrace the fact that my life is boring and I'm having an art block? I think I have the right to.. I'll go even further and make art out of my art block out of my depressive boring life So here you go: A boring movie.. with no ending

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