Behind The Scenes of Short film Alienized - bloopers & fails

Behind The Scenes of Short film Alienized - bloopers & fails

The whole behind the scenes and the making of the short film in this video
You can read my post about the release of the movie in this Article 

First of all here is the synopsis of the movie:
A "high" husband is paranoid and suspects that his wife is not actually his wife but it's an alien who took her body. The hallucinations he has about seeing a scary alien face might be caused by what he smoke, or maybe just from coming home tired from work, or maybe what he sees is real? watch the video till the end to find out :)

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After finally publishing the full movie, it's time now to reveal the behind the scenes part or "the making of" side of the film, it's always enjoyable and intertaining to watch what happened during the making of the movie, when actors fail to remember their lines, or when a funny thing happens unexpectedly, it gives the viewers a general idea about how everthing went and the vibes and energies of the film crew in the location set.. fails and bloopers are an honest image of the filmmaker, and they are always funny even if the movie itself is not..

Below is the pizza that we had that day before starting, which is also part of the script:

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed these funny fun moments, I just wanted to share with you a part of the creation of my movie. unfortunately not all the funny moments that happened behind the scenes were captured on camera, which is not cool , I had to capture only the takes that I will need during the editing of the film, because of space issues and lack of cameras.. But in my next movie I will make a better behind the scenes video and I will capture all the funny moments and epic fails, and make a separate kind of documentary, I am sure that it will inspire beginner filmmakers when they will get an insight of how cool the process of filmmaking is. Don't get me wrong, i's very tiring and very stressful, but also very enjoyable, especially once your filmming is done and you look at the whole journey, you feel success and achievment.. really priceless feeling.

My next short film will mostly be a thriller, a mind blowing thought provoking kind of movie, no aliens this time lol so probably the funny moments and behind the scenes would be different, we will see if it's gonna be any fun or funny to watch. Also this time I will not take longer to make the movie and the related documentaries, and I will also not make the same mistakes I made during the making of this actual one.

Also one last thing before I go, I am open for artistic collaborations, no matter in what field, drawing, filmmaking, music, singing, any form of art. So do not hesitate if you have an idea that we could work on.
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