Drawing on room wall

Drawing on my room wall

The final artwork result:

Watch the Drawing video here

drawing a girl's body on the wall of my room.
This is actually a reupload and repost of an old article and video that I used to have here on my blog and also on my youtube channel, I had to re launch it again because it was falsly flagged, it has some words in the title and description that are not in complience with youtube terms and services.
This is the wall of my old room (I don't live in that house anymore) it was empty and it look boring to me, so I decided to give life to it by drawing on it. I used a h9 or B9 pencil (I can't remember anymore) it was the darkest pencil I had.. All my friends who saw the drawing afterwards started calling the girl in the wall my girlfriend lol
and by the way, it was a rented appartment, and till the day I left, the landlord did not know that I ruined the wall of one of his house rooms.. if you are looking for a way to ruin your wall then here is what you can do
you're welcome ^_^
After that one I also drew Picatshu (the cute pokemon) in case you don't know which would be very surprising lol.. anyway, I also drew Pikatshu on the opposit wall to this one, but it was small and barely noticeable.. I bet if I stayed longer in that appartment I would have ruined all the walls. they were kinda easy to draw on, the pencil sticks there perfectly and does not fade unless to sweep it or wash it with something.
I would still have a chance to do that once I get my own house, I would probably draw on all the walls, or at least I would mostly have one room that has all its walls decorated by my own drawings and paintings.. that would be the legacy I leave to the world and for my children in case I ever had any lol.
I got inspired actually by a picture I saw on social media, that became a meme of positivity and motivation, it's an old woman decorating the walls of her house by making some really nice drawings and paintings, she was painting in blue I guess and the walls were white.. All the artist I know shared that pic with the caption "me in 50 years"
if an old woman can do it then why can't I? or why can't you? :) we are over the time when grafiti is seen as something dirty or childish, it's a form of art, street art, as long as it is well done but real professional artist and not someone trying to make the streets dirty in purpose.
So yeah, go and make art, the world needs it, either it's drawing or music, or movies, or plays, or books.. get inspired and inspire others, art will save the world.
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