Peace and Love - Reggae Song - Demo

Peace and Love - Reggae Song - Demo

This song was made back in 2009, we were working on it but never finished it, Now after all this time I decided to just post it like it is, so I took the different video footages that I could find of it (we took them while we were recording it) and made this video

Both the song and video are amateur-ish, they both need work, but I lost hope in finishing it, we don't meet that much me and my friend, we both have no time and there are lots of complications.

Anyway, it's not bad as it is now, it's the first Reggae song that I make, I got the beat from  "Pablo Regalo" it's called "Paz Reggae", as for the lyrics, everyone wrote the lyrics of his part.
As you can also see the song is about Peace, since we live in a crazy world, children starving, injustice... etc the least we can do to contribute is sing about it to raise awareness, Music is not enough we know, but it is our way to express how we feel about the world today.

Half of this reggae song is English and half is in Moroccan Arabic. Here are the lyrics of the English part:

[Vers 1:]
Today is time for everyone in this world
To pick up and side and choose peace or w**
But it seems that peace isn't fun no more
If we don't watch people d***g it's boring for sure

Ain't you sick watching kids on the news
Taken away from their own childhood
Away from school with no clothes and no food
Tell me why have we become so rude

W**'s everywhere.. People on a fight
Everybody's feeling down and hopes are passing by
Poor people d***g rich ones are getting high
but the day will come after the black night

We have gone to far and that's a fact
W** has to stop.. We want peace back
All against w**.. Today is time to act
All against w**.. We want our freedom back

[English Chorus]
Peace and love is what we want
together people living in one world
No hunger no w** that's what we really want
The time has come to save the world.

The rest is in Arabic. But it turns around the same issue, the craziness of the world and how we should act toward it and correct the situation, we must start loving peace.. The issue here is that we do not care about what is happening in places that are far away from where we live, we have this none of my business attitude.. there are people that don't have enough food or water, so what? I have enough so I don't care, it's far away from me.. But actually nothing is far away, we are one, and everything that happens to every human being on earth is indeed our business and does affect us, either we aknowlege it or not.

A picture from the music video
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