Lovers Hug Drawing

Lovers Hug Drawing

This is not the first time I draw something related to love or lovers, I have already drawn lovers hands, a couple man and woman holding each others hands. it was a simple drawing I found while I was scrolling my facebook timeline and decided to draw it on one warm winter evening, but I have noticed that people loved it very much. In general people like love drawings, they even send them to their beloved significant others, fiancée or spouse
I could easily notice that cute drawings of love and affection like anything that has a red heart, or many red hearts in it, attract a lot of lovers because those artworks trigger some kind of emotions that all humans have.
anyway tomorrow is valentines day, I thought about giving some kind of gift to lovers in my subscribers and followers and also to all lovers around the world. Happy valentines day and I hope that you will spend a great one with the love of your life or even your soulmate if you believe in such thing.

Valentines day Drawing of a couple lovers hugging each other. You can watch the speed drawing in these videos:
Short version:
Longer version:

If you are single, I hope that you will go on a date and find your match very soon, so you could express love to them. stay positive and believe that your time will come :)
Love is beautiful, live it, embrace it, and celebrate it everyday with everyone and everything.
One love, I love you all from the bottom of my heart and thank you for watching the drawing lover's hug speed video.
hope you also loved the romantic relaxing music I chose for this lovely romantic hug drawing :)

And by the way, saying happy valentines day or celebrating should not mean that there is only one day for love, not at all, love should be everyday of the year, and love comes in many kinds and shapes, it first start by loving oneself (not in an ego-centeric way) loving yourself as a whole, loving your body and all your features, you might not like some of the things that you did in the past but that must not stop you for loving yourself, because if you don't then no one else will love you, you might stuggle to find your soulmate because subconsciously you don't think that you're worthy of love.. 
Then comes the love of nature, the love of God if you're a believer, the love of parents and siblings, the love of family, the love of work if you work in what you like and your job gives you the opportunity to grow.. love is everywhere around you, even if you don't concider yourself as a romantic person, see it as a need, because at the end it's all about one's needs: biological, emotional, social, mental... one day you meet someone who satify most of your needs, and you'll grow a strong feeling towards them (because it's the first time that it happens to you) and that strong feeling my friend is what people call love :)

Thank you!
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