Oriental Beat - short belly dancing compilation

Oriental Beat + short belly dancing compilation

This is a beat that I have made few years back, but never actually used it, it is inspired from an old song of the great Egyptian singer "Oum Kalthoum" the song is called "Hadihi laylati". I used a software called "Fruity loops" it is very known to music makers and beat makers, I have added the Arabic Flute sound as a plug-in because it does not exist in the software. I have also added the "Darbouka" for the percussion and other arabic sounds

In the video I have added a short compilation of some good belly dancers from around the world:

Oriental Beat - Belly dancing - hellxfun Music video:

the links to the belly dancing videos I used:

Fawazeer Myriam Oriental dance 2 _ فوازير ميريام رقص شرقي 

Amr Diab - Amarain - قمرين - عمرو دياب - Isabella Belly Dance

Drum Solo- LA Belly dance Academy

Bellydancing Nataly Hay:

مش صافيناز .رقص شرقي مصري .Hot Belly Dance - Drum Solo

I got a message from one of the bellydancers, she complained that I used parts of her video, at first she was angry but when I explained to her that I did it with good intentions, and that I gave her credit both in the description and the video she was not mad anymore, after all that would be a good promotion to her channel, because when people watch my video and like her bellydancing they will certainly click on the link to go and check more of her dancing videos.. especially that I have only used small part of one of her videos, if I had bad intentions I would have been reuploaded all of her video and just rename it without giving her credit or anything, and many people do that actually, I have even came across my own videos being uploaded again, they do it until they are caught of course because youtube does not play with copyright issues.. Anyway it was just a side story about this video, she turns out to be a reealy nice person, and great dancer I became a fan, check her out if you are into bellydancing, her name is Isabella (the second video link)
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Stay tuned, I have a similar beat coming soon but this time it's reggeton i just need to make a dancing video of it.
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