Drawing Portrait Pencil - Girl with a scarf

Drawing Portrait Pencil - Girl with a scarf

It has been a while since I have posted a drawing on here with the video, this is the first portrait drawing I drew in 2016. Hopefully this year I will have time and motivation to draw more great drawings, I already have some exciting plans in my mind.. we will see how things will go.
The model in this drawing is a friend of mine and I'm the one who took this picture, I liked it and that's why I picked it. My only issue was that the picture was kinda pexilized, it was taken using an old phone (not the new fancy smartphones) and it also it was a full body picture, so when I cropped the head only the quality of the photo went down.. But I still think I did a great job in it, I used my imagination and since she was a dear friend of mine and I saw her millions of time, I did not have a big problem in overcoming the quality issue.
As usual I have used three pencils (2h 2b 9b) and the paper blending stick.

In the drawing video I unfortunately didn't record drawing the eyes :( the video starts from when I started drawing the eyebrows but I have used the same technique as I explained in the tutorial called how to draw eyes for beginners step by step.

You can watch the speed drawing portrait video of this girl here

Wish you all a happy new artistic year, any feedback is welcome, either here or on my other social media accounts

Some people think that I mentioned the word "scarf" for some specific reasons, no, nothing at all, it's just that it is the only new thing in this particular portrait drawing, it is the first time I draw a girl that is wearing a scarf, that's why I mentioned it, when I drew a girl with sunglasses it was also mentioned in the post title, same thing when I drew a girl with dreadlocks, and another with regular hair locks.. So it's all about adding value. I can't keep saying the same words in every new drawing: face, eyes, lips.. there must be something unique about each pencil drawing to distinguish it from the rest of my artwork.. and that is the case actually to me, every drawing of mine is special to me somehow, I either have a memory with it, or with the person in it or something, I just don't know how to transfer this feeling to the viewers. and since I can't do that , than the best thing I can do is to make it special somehow, like this time was the scarf maybe tomorrow it will be a necklace or earings or anything, doesn't matter how small or silly it sounds.
The same I did with my music, I have about 10 songs, and all of them are different from the others, each one is from a different genre, and made in a different way... that also applies to the short movies, I haven't made many so far, but I will try to make everyone different from the other, since I'm just doing everything for fun, so why not try everything and then see where I seem to be more strong.. But of course if I like something or a specific style I might make more creations in it, it's not like it's either black or white, I'm quiet flexible.. 
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