2022 Drawings pen and pencil


Some drawings and sketches to start the year with

It has been a while since I have posted a drawing here, it does not mean that I haven't been drawing, I have made few sketches about different stuff, and her are the best one of them so far.

The first one you see above is made using pencils, the regular ones that I use most of the time, it's a half face, I do not know to whom it does belong, maybe a celebrity that I do not know yet.. I have posted it in some drawing group in facebook and someone told me that she looks like Kylie Jenner.. Someone else told me that she looks like a cancer patient (because I did not draw her hair)

The second one is a smiling beautiful lady, of Asian origins mostly, I also don't know to whom it belongs, I just came across it one day and saved it so I can draw it later.. Might also be an Asian celebrity that i do not know.. I drew it from a drawing, but I still added my own personal touch. As you already know I do not usually draw using pens, I am know to using pen but I think I am doing good so far.. It takes a lot of confidence because there is no going back when you make a mistake.. That is the reason why you do not see a lot of pen drawings from me.. maybe after in 10 portraits you'll see only one made of pen, or even less.

This one is made of pencils, it's a figure drawing which means one of the artworks that I have to be careful with. i do not want any problems with the algorithms, even if I really do not understand why? it is art, and everything is covered, even if it is not, it has an artistic purpose, it is not intended to excite anyone in an inappropriate way. This is one of the drawings that i saved in my laptop and that I suddenly was inspired to draw. But it was incomplete so I had to imagine the rest of it, for example the hair, the original version was hairless, I had the choice to give her a straight hair but I preferred a nice afro.. What do you think?

A witch with a witchy hat that is attached to a spider and couple little stars on the face with a gothic makeup. I should have left this one till the next Halloween to fit in the atmosphere, it was not planned at all, I was sitting in a cafe sipping my cup of espresso and I saw it in my feed.. Was waiting for a friend who took time to arrive, did not have any pencils on me so i grabbed my blue pen. At first I only wanted to draw the contour, little by little I started to get more and more involved. 

That's all folks for now. Hope that you liked my new artworks, and stay tuned.. More drawings coming up soon. Thank you!

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