Neewer CN-160 LED Video Light Review - Is it worth having in 2022?


Neewer CN-160 LED Video Light Review - Is it worth having in 2022?

To see the unboxing and the test check out the video below:

I should have made this review long time ago because it has been more than a year that I bought it and started using it. it is famous for being one of the cheapest ones in the market that can give a great bright light.. I got it for about $30 back then on amazon. I don't know if that's still its price but back then it was a great deal for what it has to offer Every bulb has a color temperature (in Kelvin), the lower the number the warmer yellow-ish is the light the higher the number the cooler blue-ish is the light. Warm light is usually the indoor kind of light, and the cold one is the outdoor sunny day kind of light.

The Neewer CN-160 goes from 5600 kelvin to 3200 kelvin. It has a dimmable switch Which is great and allows you to have different brightness using the same light source. It comes with a nice defuser if you want soft light with less shadows.

A battery testing button that allows you to know the level of energy you still have (if the battery is full or if the six AA batteries are full, all the four red lights would be on if you clicked on the testing button) And a filter for the warm light.

You can mount it on a lightstand, a tripod, or it can fit on the top of a DSLR camera. It can be used with 6 AA batteries, or some specific batteries from Sony and Panasonic using a battery adapter (the battery adapter included)

I have use it only with six AA batteries for the simple reason that during the 3 years that I had it, I have only used it several times, it was never a must using thing with every video I film. But if you want a light box that you will be carrying with you all the time then I strongly advise you to invest in at least one battery, it is not expensive and it will be a life saver.

Neewer CN-160 is famous for being cheap and reliable, and I totally agree, so far it had never let me down. It is made of plastic but it is still strong. It is flicker free. Has 160 LED light bulbs that can be replaced IF you know how to solder, if not then leave it to someone professional or just be happy with the rest of the bulbs.

The video I made does not do The Neewer justice to be honest, because the brightness is outstanding, unfortunately the camera lens adapts itself with the new light strenght when it changes so the viwer wouldn't notice any change even when you dim the light up and down.

My final thoughts is that I do like it, I recommand it, and yes it is worth having in 2022. What I don't like about it is that it is kinda big, so for someone who films mainly with a smartphone it is annoying to bring it with me wherever I go. But for photographers and videographers who use DSLR cameras or at least have a bag of gears and stuff it would be the perfect addition.

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