10k Subs Giveaway winner drawing


10k Subs Giveaway winner drawing

Remember few weeks back when my youtube channel hit the 10K subscribers?? if not then the video below will refresh your memory or will let you know what am I talking about:

10k subscribers is an important milestone in Youtube, Youtubers will know what I'm talking about, for the main reason that you become eligible for the golden feature in social media "STORIES". You could finally post stories to Youtube and the huge advantage of Youtube stories is that that last 7 days while they only last for 24 hours in Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat. So you could get more coverage. More potential followers will get to see whatever you are posting stories about, in my case more users will have the chance to get an idea about my drawings and some of them might take a step further and subscribe to my channel.

So after this huge achievement I decided to give something back to the community of my faithful followers, and what is the best thing to offer as an artist? ART of course, so I kinda organized a context where people send me there pictures via Instagram, and the winner will get a free pencil drawing from me.. (I rarely draw on demand, and people usually beg me to draw them so this is actually a huge thing)

I ended up drawing the portrait you see above, I hope that you like it, I kinda got back to my old drawing style after spending some time trying new skills like digital drawing or drawing with pens. Because yeah! who would not like to expend their circle of skills and become talented in something new?

The challenge in this drawing was mainly the glasses, it is not easy to draw glasses on a face because they kinda "interrupt" the face if you understand what I mean. Not only the glasses in this case but also their shadow. But I did try my best and I am satisfied with the outcome.

I used my usually set of pencils, HB, H2 B2 and I guess one more very dark graphite pencil if I remember for the black hair, eyebrows, and the glasses holders. I don't have a white pencil (which is a shame because it would solve half of my troubles) so I did what I always do, leave empty areas to sell the illusion of having the white color.

For the paper, same thing, the usual brand I use, until now I have not come across any brand that I really like, they either have a strange texture that leaves empty areas when you don't need them, or they are too smooth that you can easily make a mess if you simply did a wrong move with your finger. Once I find a good brand I will sure make a review of it to let people know.

The person in this portrait pencil drawing is a beautiful friend of mine and that I miss so much, I can't give you more details because of privacy issues. Posting the portrait drawing happened of course after her explicit permission.

Thank you for sticking around and see you in the next drawing artwork.

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